[SCAM] Kriptofuture.com Review: up to 3% daily until 300% reached

According to its website introduction, Kripto Future is a cryptocurrency trading company based in Liverpool. It aims to prosper and develop and change lives around the world. CEO Tommy Lewis, a businessman who lives in Liverpool and has extensive trading experience with his team , Created a real transaction. A robot that can generate up to 3% of funds every day.

This program started nearly a month ago, I invested with my personal money. Although nobody knows how long a program will pay, but we can know that KriptoFuture admin or its team have a very strong financial strength. It deserves a try. So if you are looking for investment portfilio, welcome to start with your spare money.

Started: May 4th 2021

Official Languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, Filipino, French, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean

Personal Deposit: $1010

Investment Plans: earnings is up to 3% on weekdays, until total profit reached 300%(investment profit + direct bonus + binary bonus)

Minimum Deposit: $50

Promotional Rewards: 6% direct bonus + 8% binary bonus + 15% residual earnings + Points Rewards

RCB: 100% (6% of your deposit amounts)

Payment Options: Bitcoin, Litecon, Dogecoin

Withdrawal Type: 24-48 business hours (Monday-Friday)

Minimum Withdrawal: $50 (it is necessary to receive the first withdrawal to be able to request a new one)

Maximum Daily Withdrawal: it is the plan that you have choosen

Withdrawal Fee: 10% daily; 7% weekly; 3% monthly

Domain Time: 2020/12/02 - 2026/12/02

English PDF; Chinese PDF; Russian PDF; Spanish PDF; Portuguese PDF; French PDF; Vietnamese PDF; Japanese PDF

Socials: Facebook; Instagram; Youtube

Reason why I choose it: 

(1) Its mechanism looks like former QubitLife which pays for a year, but it is better than QubitLife I think. Especially for the mechasim of 300% algorithm, it includes daily profit+direct bonus+binary bonus, we know that QubitLife only integrated such algorithm days before its closure, but KriptoFuture used such algorithm when it launched. 

(2) KriptoFuture is just online for a month which is still a young program I think. So I invested $1010 into it to bet for its future and my fortune.

(3) KriptoFuture has a well performed financial strength which can be judged from its promotion and website.

Investment Plans

To upgrade a higher package, you must pay the difference of the value of the chosen plan.

1 Bots $50 50
2 Bots $100 100
3 Bots $300 300
4 Bots $500 500
5 Bots $1000 1000
6 Bots $3000 3000
7 Bots $5000 5000
8 Bots $10000 10000
9 Bots $20000 20000
10 Bots $30000 30000
11 Bots $50000 50000
12 Bots $100000 100000

Referral Commissions (6%)
KriptoFuture has an affiliate club, here you can refer your friends to invest safely. The company gives you a bonus of 6% for each clients you refer. 

You also receive this direct referral bonus every time your referral upgrades or renews the package.

Binary Bonus (8%)

Work as a team and you will receive binary bonuses that benefit you with 8% of your small team's total points.

To qualify for this bonus, simply active each side a package directly to you. Upgrades and renewals also generate points for binary.

For example, the right team has the lowest score, totaling 6000 points, generating a binary of $480.

Residual Earnings (15%)

Earn 15% residual on earnings your team's diary, divided into 10 levels.

Level % Condition
1 level 2% ×
2 level 2% ×
3 level 2% ×
4 level 1.5% Ruby
5 level 1.5% Emerald
6 level 1.5% Diamond
7 level 1.5% Double Diamond
8 level 1% Triple Diamond
9 level 1% Crown Diamond
10 level 1% Crown Ambassador

Points Rewards

Accumulate points in your small team, KriptoFuture recognizes the effort of your work and rewards you with rewards in Bitcoin.

Status Points Value
Pearl 1000 ×
Sapphire 5000 ×
Ruby 40K $1500
Emerald 200K $2500
Diamond 500K $5000
Double Diamond 1M $25000
Triple Diamond 3M $50000
Crown Diamond 5M $150000
Crown Ambassador 10M $500000

Road Map

kriptofuture.com invest review

Team Introduction

Tommy Lewis – CEO Director: lives in Livelpool he is 56 years old, Millionaire with experience in sports trading, leads billionaire newsstands in the UK and manages almost all betting and trading from the main european championships. Lewis started his career in the banking sector, where he went on to diversify companies on this sector in the last years Tommy has been dedicated to the trading of Crypto Currencies.

Ryan Wright – Director Technology

Jeffer Ribera – Co-founder: One of the co-founders of Cryptofuche is millionaire and investor Jeffer Ribera, the founder of several successful real estate and IT technology businesses. In 2017, he amassed several thousand bitcoins with his team of professionals and achieved impressive results in the field of mining and trading in the cryptocurrency market. Now he travels a lot around the world, implementing plans to introduce new products of the company.

How to invest?

❶ Click the link to register an account:

❷ Login your account and click the "Packages" button on top menu:

kriptofuture.com invest review

❸ Select the plan which you want to invest and click "Upgrade" button to transfer money:

kriptofuture.com invest review

2021-06-06: KriptoFuture give 300% profits for each investment cycle, which includes "daily profit + direct bonus + binary bonus".

2021-06-19: KriptoFuture launched incredible Cold-Wallet, read more here: https://www.hyiper.net/blog/295.html

2021-06-24: Kriptofuture begins to sell Ticket for Dubai event on July 30: https://www.hyiper.net/blog/301.html

2021-07-01: Kriptofuture changed template for its website: https://www.hyiper.net/blog/307.html

2021-08-21: I completed first cycle in Kriptofuture, and $1000 reinvested again.

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  1. heatstreak I was paid again from this nice program This platform pays in a timely manner and with stable returns Great indeed :) Payment batch - 0.00107538 BTC 2021-09-25 04:18 df780e6455c482ca53d0bba51ef45518655b05311b525b2fc5d175a31eb30660
  2. hyiper Username: hyiper Sent 0.00221012 Bitcoin (BTC): https://live.blockcypher.com/btc/tx/7f2247a22e87a1c54546fb632ea2c2e41e7682912bc58407cdc54d5eea439ada
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  4. hyiper Username: hyiper Sent 0.00393891 Bitcoin (BTC): https://live.blockcypher.com/btc/tx/e21bc07ff707a1f9bf7f423345c202e64a21bfb38c5fcdd7e4698094f4a468e8
  5. heatstreak Withdrawal was paid very fast here I like this project as it is very stable and gives out good profits as well :) Payment batch - 0.00093943 BTC 2021-09-02 21:17 0f5e8f9c4e2fe70e7af11537d4da020466ad2f00da2e0a63dcaf59755b53a349
  6. hyiper Username: hyiper Sent 0.00294267 Bitcoin (BTC): https://live.blockcypher.com/btc/tx/ec205f682b0d1eb7ab994fb0a095b3e36b349014fb00f4e69eb7ef06657df61f
  7. hyiper Username: hyiper Sent 0.01967077 Bitcoin (BTC): https://live.blockcypher.com/btc/tx/7812b3c52e00f252e418d9e069b964335a5534375aa053f9b4530b91cb2374f9
  8. hyiper Kriptofuture completed my first cycle, and $1000 reinvested again.
  9. hyiper Kriptofuture completed my first cycle, and $1000 reinvested again.
  10. hyiper Username: hyiper Sent 0.02548041 Bitcoin (BTC): https://live.blockcypher.com/btc/tx/4e873201e4c48eeb53abc4fb862649c9668574e2ea3c19ff89c522bd4e271e8b
  11. heatstreak I was paid again from here Project is running very smoothly and proving to a be a profitable decision :) Payment batch - 0.00101482 BTC 2021-08-10 19:17 3e5f7fae88ed1ead84a70488dc6c13738fad02981031d7f995e945bff6ae3051
  12. hyiper Username: hyiper Sent 0.00500188 Bitcoin (BTC): https://live.blockcypher.com/btc/tx/93f6ec0cc0c3b929280d238b51d5efa1424e6d4df71a783ac24a08dd4dc939d4
  13. heatstreak I invested here a total of $300 and ever since I have been earning good sum of profits from here More withdrawals are swift ones :) Payment batch - 0.00230807 BTC 2021-07-01 22:17 5d87bcb1df07deef80e3cfb5d6835fea535f02d6f05467367fa3258ce7892b05 0.0018746 BTC 2021-07-22 23:12 ccbb344078e6641e8759f2a104af2b005a2c50872dd284098b34c971093c487f
  14. hyiper Username: hyiper Sent 0.00594601 Bitcoin (BTC): https://live.blockcypher.com/btc/tx/eb8dd048bdebe0ba5e4e50bfa39e96709bb384339398744c55fe7f04f132771f
  15. heatstreak This a well known project and gaining a lot of popularity I invested a sum of $300 via LTC in here and it seems like the right decision :) NEW Deposit batch - 1.69539538 LTC 2021-05-31 20:02:14 bd7dbca544900375cdeed489fe9a8b49f2fb9a5de82d19f70911c6656c4c5f23
  16. hyiper Kriptofuture changed template for its website: https://www.hyiper.net/blog/307.html
  17. hyiper Username: hyiper Sent 0.00243533 Bitcoin (BTC): https://live.blockcypher.com/btc/tx/5fdfb0bc9c2b04a8f0288d2e43dbc7de93739769efe7481a5ce55c80d4f56a59
  18. hyiper KriptoFuture give 300% profits for each investment cycle, which includes "daily profit + direct bonus + binary bonus".