Price of KMX tokens during past days

KeymatClub released first stage Airdrop of KMX token about 10 days. The ratio is 10 times of your KM in staking. For example, you have 1000KM in staking, then you will get 10000 KMX tokens. I invested $1400 totally, which equals to 1400KM in staking, so I got 14000 KMX tokens. The first free distribution of the KMX token completed successfully. The date of the next distribution will be announced on my blog when it prelaunchs.

KMX tokens

The highest prices of KMX token during the past days reached $0.0244 per token, and currently it is $0.00572 and this price already remains approximate 3 days. But I don't care how much it is now, and I will keep KMX tokens in my Keymat account and will not sell it. Of course, you can sell or exchange it if you want through Pancakeswap exchange or MetaMask. You can watch its price through this link: https://www.dextools.io/app/pancakeswap/pair-explorer/0xaffe686fef69c81d7244f0d240e2f08c6222d3be

KeymatClub has already been online for 81 days till now, and I invested it 53 days ago. It generates profits every 25 days. During the past, all profits and withdrawals performed well. But frankly speaking, I can't see any substantial videos or articles about KeymatClub admin or team. And the promotion effort is not very big, either. I don't say that KeymatClub team has no financial strength, however, I want to see more activities or promotions about it. I think all investors or promoters want to see these, too.

If you are interested in KeymayClub investment and referral plans, you can register an account and have a try. Minimum investment amount is $10, and profits will be 10%-20% every 25 days. For promoters, they can earn referral commissions(15%-10%-5%-4%-4%-2%) and rank bonus($80-5000 according to your rank). For more detailed information, please read: https://www.hyiper.net/blog/267.html

Website: https://me.keymat.club/r?r=TXY3fmD

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