KeymatClub open free test of the INSANE TURBO 4 project

The day of the open free test of the INSANE TURBO 4 project has come. The test is completely free, you do not need to pay royalties or transfer any funds to participate.

In your personal account, just click on the Buy place button and track how your matrix is filled with full liability and how many USDT you will potentially receive.

Important: The only difference between active and passive participants is how much they will receive.

Remember: IT4 tests are simulations of a real situation, so what happens on your tests is likely to happen at a full start.

Free tests will last until July 5, and on the same day, July 5, there will be a full launch of INSANE TURBO 4.

It is important to know before starting:

You must have in your personal wallet that supports USDT TRC20 the amount of USDT you need to buy seats in the passive matrix.

Guide how to install Tronlink wallet and where to get USDT TRC20:

Guide on how to pay annual royalties. The annual royalty for the Insane Turbo 4 project is 12 KM = 12 USD:

Marketing IT4 project: https://www.hyiper.net/IT4eng.pdf

According to the results of the tests, participants will be randomly selected, who will receive a bonus balance in staking as a gift, and will be able to regularly receive dividends, which is up to 50% of the platform's profit.

These lucky ones will open their personal accounts and see the bonus amount in the Staking block, and, of course, share their joy in the official chats and more.

Review: https://www.hyiper.net/blog/267.html

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