[SCAM] Cassandra.cash Review: 1%-3% daily for 365 days

Cassandra.cash is a high yield investment program, which started on 31st January 2022. It only provides one plan, from which you can earn 1%-3% daily for 365 days. I joined it 5 days ago, and all former withdrawal requests were processed successfully. Now let's see the details of it.

Register: https://cassandra.cash/r/jnqvhwvt

Started: 2022-01-31

My Deposit: $400

Investment Plans: 1%-3% daily for 365 days and principal included

Minimum Investment: $50

Referral Commissions: 6%-4%-2%-1%

Payment Options: PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT(trc20), QIWI

Withdrawal Type: instant

Minimum Withdrawal Amount: $5, 0.001BTC, 0.2ETH

Company Registration: "CRYPTO CASSANDRA LIMITED" registered on 16 September 2021, check link

Social links: Youtube; vk; Instagram; Telegram

Global Lanuages: English, Russian

Investment Plans

Minimum investment amount is $50, and daily profit is fluctuated between 1%-3% from Monday to Sunday.

How to Invest

① Click this link to register an account: https://cassandra.cash/r/jnqvhwvt

② Login your account and click "Wallet" button on left panel

③ Click "Top up" button to replenish account balance:

④ After the "Top up" action, then your investment is active automatically and no need to choose investment plan.

Note: you can also do all operations through Telegram bot, just click the "Synchronize" button like below:


Cassandra.cash didn't start promotion on monitors, and mainly on Russian blogs, at the mean time, it is a newly launched project. So I decide to try with $400 investment.

Register: https://cassandra.cash/r/jnqvhwvt

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