Shiba Inu leader had a reaction when the Mod put official SHIB Discord on hold

Shytoshi Kusama, the chosen leader of the Shiba Inu (SHIB) venture, has responded to a recent decision by LC, the operator of the official SHIB community Discord server. LC has suspended all activities on the Shibtoken server as he describes it as "a short-term maintenance period."

Shiba Inu Discord stopped functioning

On May 29, LC blocked members of the Shibtoken server from sending messages and took away the roles of all admins and moderators. He revealed that this was part of his plan to handle problems which had resulted in a drop in "the community's experience".

He highlighted that he was going to perform some "essential adjustments" to handle the problems. Nevertheless, he didn't disclose more details about the troubles and the suggested alterations. LC stated that the server would stay functioning during this phase of temporary interruption.

Lucie, an influential member of the Shiba Inu community and a specialist in SHIB's content marketing, drew attention to the situation on Twitter in order to clarify it. Lucie emphasized that this temporary suspension has no impact on the Shiba Inu environment.

Shiba Inu leader had a reaction when the Mod put official SHIB Discord on hold

She explained that the break was a result of a lengthy internal disagreement. In the meantime, Lucie urged everyone in the group to go to the newly-created Shibarium Discord server for conversations with other members.

She informed that some of the moderators and admins involved were well-known members Trophias and Queenie. She reemphasized that there is no need for worry, and people can join the Shibarium Discord.

Kusama had a reaction

Kusama reacted to LC's announcement in the Shibarium Discord, asserting that he will stay devoted to the system's growth regardless of any foolishness occurring.

‘Let me say something… I’m here. I’m not going anywhere. For those of you that have been here for a while (and by here I mean Shib), you know that when I’m quiet in cooking up something. So, I’ve been VERY quiet because there are many great things in the works,’ he remarked.

Kusama declared that he would meet the expectations of the public. He stated, ‘I will finish this decentralized system. It can be unpredictable and disordered, as Ryoshi would say, 'chaos', but that's just part of pioneering something new.'

After revealing the news, Kusama took some time to answer questions from the public, mentioning that he may be absent for a while longer. Lucie commented that the creators are still in good moods despite their current circumstances.

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