HYIP Summary: One good news and Two bad news

Compared with the past two years, we must admit that HYIP industry is going through the toughest stage currently, so not only investors are in difficulties, but also admins. However, I still have to share two pieces of bad news with you, but fortunately, there is also a piece of good news. I believe that the final result will always be beautiful. So I will write bad news first, and good news finally.


It stopped paying 4 days ago, and was successfully online for 175 days totally. I know that many investors already make good profit from it, but a lot of new investors also lost money there. The shortest investment cycle is 16 working days, so I think "175 days life" is not bad. For my part, I only earn $11.2 with my personal investment($50), not including the advertisement fees. I don't know whether the admin makes money from this project or not, hope his next project will be online in the near future.


To be exact, Invexpert.biz is selective payout currently, and not completely scammed, because I can still receive my withdrawal into PM wallet successfully 1.5 hours ago. Admin will not pay large amount withdrawals, in fact, no admin will do that, for example $100000 withdrawal request will never be processed in any project. See it below:

I want to say nothing but never invest too large in HYIP industry, or else, the project will scam faster because of your big money. Just take Invexpert.biz for example, although only a small part of monitors give it scam status and most part remains PAYING status, investors will choose to stay away from it, because they see negative feed back. Small amount investment is not only good to you, but also to other investors. Let's remember this.


Now let's look at the good news from Unitex-capital.com. Just yesterday, admin published a piece of exciting news that their team developed a mobile application for investors, see the orginal news below:

Dear investors. We decided to take care of the mobility and versatility of our investment company. Our programmers have developed for you a mobile application with which you can invest anywhere in the world. It fits all the functions and features that are presented on the site, so that you will not have problems with its use. The design of the application is as similar as possible to the design of the site, so that it would be easier for you to navigate when using the application. 

Our company has more developments that we will present to you a little later. Unitex Capital always puts its investors first and foremost and does everything possible so that they receive only the best in the world of investments. 

You can download the application by clicking on the link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.unitexcapital.app

So from now on, you can do all the operation from your mobile phone. This reflects the professionalism of the company. It has only been 30 days online now, I think there will be more good news from Unitex-capital and the program will help many investors make money online. I have 0.36 BTC and $600 in it now, I have confidence that I can get back the profits, together with initial deposits.

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