Watfordcorp.com deposit tutorial

Hello, HYIP investors. I already wrote withdrawal tutorial for Watfordcorp.com several days ago. In this article, I will write how to deposit in Watfordcorp.com. It is very simple and hope can be helpful to you.

First Step: Login account and replenish wallet balance. For example, I use PerfectMoney. Then choose PerfectMoney and click the "Replenish" button:

Second Step: Type into amount and click the "Replenish" button to transfer money:

Third Step: Choose the Share button at top menu and click "Buy Shares" option:

Fourth Step: For example, I choose "NMWEnergy" package, and click the "Buy shares" button:

Fifth Step: Select the number of packages to purchase(minimum 10 packages), and click the "Buy" button:

Sixth Step: Click the "Confirm" button on next page to complete investment:

Register: https://watfordcorp.com/?ref=dFSycavd

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