KEYMAT telegram assistant is under development

Hello, friends. For a more comfortable use of the platform, a development has been launched - KEYMAT telegram assistant!

KEYMAT telegram assistant is your personal information assistant, which provides the most recent and useful information about the operation of the KEYMAT platform. By launching the assistant, you will receive notifications about all operations and changes made in your account.

What information on your account will the telegram assistant display?

(1) General state of balances:

  • KM - internal platform token (1 KM = 1 USD)
  • KMR - referral balance
  • KMD - dividend balance
  • How many KM are in the stack

(2) Display information on the affiliate program:

  • Your rank status
  • How many lines are open
  • How many partners from the 1st to the 6th line
  • Active partners
  • Inactive partners
  • Total structure turnover

(3) Obtained for all time:

  • KMR Rewards
  • Dividend - KMD

(4) News block of useful information about current events on the KEYMAT platform:

What notifications will you receive?

  • Platform news
  • Dividends
  • Registration of a participant using a referral link
  • Getting referral bonuses
  • Acquiring a new rank and a rank bonus (total 4 rank positions)
  • Application for withdrawal of funds
  • Successful conclusion
  • Successful translation to the participant
Activity notifications in platform projects
  • Payment of annual royalties
  • Applications for payment of seats
  • Purchase of a place - successfully
  • The participant stood in your matrix
  • Received payment according to the matrix
  • Successful matrix closure

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