Mozoyield.com Review: 1.2%-1.8% daily for 90 days

Mozoyield.com is a project which just indexed by HYIP monitors yesterday, on Facebook, the earliest information about it can be found on 9th January this year. Till now, we can find that some information is still not completed on its website, such as social icons, whitepaper, documents and so on, I don't know whether it is because admin don't want to do better? or they are just in building stage? You can judge this by yourself. I didn't invest this project, and I don't know whether it is paying well. I write its review just because I think its daily profit is in normal range, in early launch stage, and with an original template. 

After login account, we can see there is a wallet called "Residual Income", but there is no more description about this income on their website. If you are interested in Mozoyield.com, you can ask admin for more details.

Register: https://www.mozoyield.com/register?sponsorname=hyiper&sponsorid=MOZOYIELD446

Started: 09th January 2023

Investment Plans: 1.2%-1.8% daily for 90 days, and capital return after 30-55 days

Referral Commissions: 7%-3%-1%

Payment Options: BTC / ETH / BCH/ LTC / TRON / DOGE / USDT(trc20 and erc20)

Minimum Withdrawal Amounts: $5

Withdrawal Type: Instant

WhatsAPP: https://wa.me/+40734724376

Telegram: https://t.me/official_Mozoyield

Investment Plans

  • Basic: minimum invest $30, 1.2% daily for 90 days. Capital return after 30 days.
  • Standard: minimum invest $5000, 1.5% daily for 90 days. Capital return after 45 days.
  • Standard: minimum invest $50000, 1.8% daily for 90 days. Capital return after 55 days.

About the "Capital return" rule, it is like this: Let's take the Basic plan for example, after your initial deposit is back to your account balance after 30 days, you can still earn 1.2% daily profit during the rest 60 days. This is the first time I see such kind of project, namely initial deposit back but profit continue. I already confirm this with their support. This is our conversation screenshot:

Notice: Before investment, click and check paying status here: HyipEye, H-metrics

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