Alfa-capital.asia Review: earn 0.8% each working day for 20 working days and principal back

Alfa-capital.asia is an HYIP project which provides long term deposit plans. It started on 27th Nov 2019 and only 10 days online till now. Admin bought Premium listing on my website and my last withdrawal request was processed yesterday. So let me introduce it to you in details.

Already scam, don't invest!

Investment Plans

  1. Minimum invest 0.002 BTC, earn 0.8% each working day for 20 working days and principal back
  2. Minimum invest 0.15 BTC, earn 1.2% each working day for 40 working days and principal back
  3. Minimum invest 0.5 BTC, earn 1.5% each working day for 60 working days and principal back

These are the deposit plans Alfa-capital.asia offers. Profit will be generated from Monday to Friday. The profits are all within the normal range. So you can choose the plan which is suitable for you. But remember that don't invest what you can't afford to lose, because all HYIP projects are risky gamble games online, you'd better only join with your spare money.

Referral Commissions

Referral program is available only when you request, this is not common in HYIP field, because commissions should be paid to every investor by default in most HYIP projects.

I myself already requested, so you can earn 5% commissions from me. If you register through my personal link, I can give back 5% of your deposit amount. So don't forget to submit your RCB request within 24 hours after your investment. I will transfer the commissions back to you once it is processed.

Payment Options

Investors can choose Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum to join, but it will be better if PM and Payeer are available in the future, because many investors are still only using these two dollar payment processors.

Withdrawal Type

Your funds will become available within 72 hours after sending a withdrawal request. But usually, it will be quicker, and my last withdrawal request was processed within 12 hours after application.

Remember that you can only submit withdrawal requests on Friday, that is to say, you can only withdraw cash once a week.

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Its domain was created on 15th Nov 2019 and will expire on 15th Nov 2020. There are 10 other website hosted on its IP address.

Other Information

Alfa-capital.asia designed an original template for its website. Admin registered UK company certificate and its number is 12222950 which can be checked at the bottom of its website. 

If you want to know more updates about the program, you can follow their Telegram channel. For Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, the links are all blank, hope admin can complete the work more quickly, so that it will be better.

Currently, the website supported two languages, namely English and Chinese. Maybe more languages will be added in the future.

From its investment plans and weekly withdrawal restriction, I think that it is unlikely to attract many investors in the short term, because compared with other projects, its profit is relatively low and a week is too long for HYIP industry. So maybe this is also the reason why admin chose slow promotion which you can check on other HYIP monitors or forums. The best way is to pay for a long time, just like Yesss.cc or other qualified projects. I hope it can become a good program in the future. If you have other opinion about this program, welcome to leave your comment below.

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  1. Mariahemils Never trust this alfa-capital.asia They would tempt you to invest a lot as they are business experts and would claim to double triple the payment but run away. Go and see (www. recoverasset fast . com).See how professionals perform.
  2. hyiper Alfa-capital.asia got status again on some monitors, don't invest until my further notice.
  3. hyiper Alfa-capital.asia paid me again days ago, so changed it back to paying status, thanks admin. Hope it can last for long.
  4. hyiper Alfa-capital.asia has been pending over 72 hours, don't invest any more.
  5. hyiper Alfa-capital.asia hasn't processed my withdrawal request since 2020-01-03, let's see whether it will pay on Monday.
  6. hyiper 0.00525 BTC withdrawal request received fast, thanks admin: 51b3831263c8d4a3a239f3762f37d308d2ab77b09ebe2eccd86ad48cd4679014