Hex-land.com Review: earn 103.9% after 3 days

Hex-land.com is an HYIP project which started on 02nd Feb 2020. It mainly provides medium term deposit plans, and you can get back your initial deposits as soon as 3 days. Admin bought Premium listing on my website yesterday. I already withdraw instantly to my BTC wallet. Now let me introduce it to you.

Started: 02nd Feb 2020

Advertisement: $500 and $200 personal deposit

Investment Plans

(1) Deposit 10-50 dollars, earn 103.9% after 3 days

(2) Deposit 25-250 dollars, earn 1.5% daily for 9 days and principal back in the end

(3) Deposit 25-1000 dollars, earn 1.7% daily for 18 days and principal back in the end

(4) Deposit 25-2500 dollars, earn 3.8% every two days for 24 days and principal back every 2 days

(5) Deposit 25-5000 dollars, earn 6.3% every three days for 30 days and principal back every 3 days

These are all plans Hex-land.com provides. The minimum investment amount is $10 or the equivalent in another currency. You should check the plans carefully before investment, because there are some kinds of differences from other HYIP projects. 

The first, second and third plans are similar, because principal will be back at the end. Let me take the first plan for example, if you deposit $50, then you will get back $51.95 profit totally after 3 days.

The fourth and fifth plans are similar, becasue you can get back part of your principal every 2 or 3 days. Let me take the fourth plan for example, if you deposit $100, then you will earn $3.8 profit every 2 days and $8.33 principal every 2 days, totally $145 at the end of 24 days.

Referral Commissions

Active deposit is required to participate in affiliate program. Affiliate bonus of the 3-day plan is 0%. Affililate bonus of the 9-day plan for the 1-level referrals is 2% and for the 2-level referrals is 1%. Affililate bonus of then 18-days, 24-day and 30-day plans for the 1-level referrals is 5% and for the 2-level referrals is 2%.

Welcome to submit RCB request at top of my website if you deposit in the 9-day, 18-day, 24-day and 30-day plans. I will transfer the commissions into your wallet with 24 hours.

Payment Options

Hex-land.com accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple currently.

Withdrawal Type

The minimum amount for withdrawal is 0.0005 BTC, 0.015 ETH, 0.05 LTC or 15 XRP. Funds are sent instantly and are credited to your account as soon as possible. The withdrawal process is fully automated.

Other Information

Hex-land.com designs an originally and professionally template for its website, which tells us that this program is operated by an experienced admin. Currently, it supports two languages, English and Spanish. I think more languages will be added in the future. At the bottom of their website, you can find  Telegram group and Facebook page links, join them to know the lastest update if you are interested in Hex-land.com. For more questions, you can also communicate with admin through the online chatting widget of their website.

Register: https://hex-land.com/?partner=hyiper

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  1. heatstreakSuper amazing program in our hands This program is still on developing stage and I want to take this opportunity to the fullest I will soon add a new deposit here My old deposit is gaining good profits and I am certain this program has a lot under their sleeves, we will earn good :) Payment batch - 0.0207609 ETH 2020-02-14 20:10:22 0xf23ac2f9e58cceeffab55d4790f8a9e6e627f8f162e0a7e43df39523cfe13388 0.00460544 BTC 2020-02-14 20:10 dcf2da580f5a923e67e017370c17c0b90d1041b05c6e969bd2667a0e8f0bceb5
    • hyiper0.01 BTC withdrawal request received instantly, thanks admin: 076c7604cd29bcd73ae01d1b4d88ac3b8ce332144a0af0e0996dc93959ece3a3
      • hyiper0.00234 BTC withdrawal request received instantly, thanks admin: a619e2b4da85cef728171cf385222f236c03680296b45d601e7b69afaa9ded46
        • hyiper0.0141 BTC withdrawal request received instantly. thanks admin: eeab1b2b4e9164100cb4bc30af275bc3b7c1409d97c25683f2df49e0c8dde902
          • hyiperHex-land.com got my $200 personal deposit into the "24 days plan", good luck to my business.