Monodx.com Review: 12%-150% monthly net profit

we only give dividends for daily plans in this project

Monodx.com is a high yield investment project which started on 17th September this year. It has a professionally designed template, and you can choose short/medium/long term investment plans in the system. Admin bought PREMIUM listing on my websiste 10 days ago. My first withdrawal request was already processed instantly into USDT wallet.

Before its review, let's me write something about my new function - "Dividends". From the "Dividends" function, all direct active members will share 100% of my withdrawal amount every day until your total "Dividends" amount reaches 30% of your investment amount. You can join and see the detailed rules here: https://www.hyiper.net/Dividend/index.html

Register: https://monodx.com/auth/signup?ref=UfrLRQ

Started: 2022-09-17

My Deposit: $550 (2022-10-02)

Investment Plans: 12%-150% monthly net profit

Referral Commissions: 12% accurals of partners (you will receive referral income every time your referral make profit, and you can withdraw referral commissions every monday)

Payment Options: all main cryptocurrencies

Withdrawal Type: manual

Minimum Withdrawal Amount: $15 for all

Withdrawal Fees: 2% (According to FAQ: this is the income of the company)

Social Accounts: Telegram Support; Twitter; Facebook profile

Investment Plans

Classic Bot: invest $9-$149, you can earn  up to 1.1% daily / 8% weekly

Scalper Bot: invest $150-$399, you can earn up to 1.6% daily / 10.8% weekly

RST Bot: invest $400-$1199, you can earn earn up to 2.3% daily / 16% weekly

Go m Bot: invest $1200-$2149, you can earn earn up to 0.44% hourly for 3 hours / 3% daily / 21% weekly

HAAS Bot: invest $2250-$4599, you can earn  0.59% hourly for 3 hours / 4% daily / 28% weekly

Revenue Bot: invest $4600-$9699, you can earn  0.7% hourly for 3 hours / 4.2% daily / 31.5% weekly

X12 Bot: invest $9700-$21999, you can earn  0.8% hourly for 3 hours / 4.5% daily / 34.3% weekly

Premium Bot: invest $22000-$100000, you can earn  1.2% hourly for 3 hours / 6% daily / 42% weekly

You can start multiple bots at once. You yourself choose how long the robotic system will work. You can choose to work at one hour, one day, one week, one month or three months. At the end of the selected time, you will immediately receive your profit. (Be aware: When you decline the transaction, you do not receive profit, since all orders will be closed ahead of schedule.)

Earn extra money with dividends

I share 100% of my withdrawal amount to active members. For example, I withdraw $20 in a project daily, then I will give out $20 to my active members every day. If you are my only direct member in the project, then you will earn $20 dividends daily until the dividends amount reaches 30% of your investment amount. Of course, you will continue to earn daily profits from the project. You can follow steps below to join "dividends" system:

❶ Click the "Request Dividends" button on right side of my blog, then register an account and login: https://www.hyiper.net/Dividend/index.html

❷ Click "Dividends Requests" button:

❸ Fill in the table and click "Submit" button to submit:

Register: https://monodx.com/auth/signup?ref=UfrLRQ

2022-11-08 updates

  • Changed the work of robots and increased percentage of profit
  • Monodx.com added roadmap on homepage
  • Added 3-hour deals, which are more profitable than hourly deals
  • Added "Trade API" page on top menu and you can find a table of online work of robots in real time
  • Hashes upload added in Trade API page (Currently only BTC, all coins will be added soon)
  • Added a table for the end of transactions of bots, with the provision of the result of the work in Trade API page
  • Reduced withdrawal commission from 3% to 2%
  • Added "Credit" button for crediting profits to Main Balance in Wallet Page.
  • Changes have been made to the Telegram Bot: https://t.me/MonoDX_Support_Bot

HYIPer.net » Monodx.com Review: 12%-150% monthly net profit

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