Shytoshi Kusama Compares SHIB Woofpaper to Vitalik Solutions for ETH

Shytoshi Kusama, the Lead Developer of Shiba Inu, recently gave a hint about the Woofpaper v2, comparing its content to a piece published by Vitalik Buterin, creator of Ethereum. The article by Buterin spoke about three potential solutions to the difficulties Ethereum is currently facing.

“Did you leak the Woofpaper 2 draft to VB, bro?”

Kusama recently posed a lighthearted query to Kaal Dhairya via tweet. It was in reaction to an article discussing the solutions recently suggested by Buterin.

Shytoshi Kusama Compares SHIB Woofpaper to Vitalik Solutions for ETH

The Shiba Inu group has had many different reactions to Kusama's comment, particularly since the Woofpaper v2 is already available. Some suggest that the chosen Shiba Inu leader may have been speaking of the Woofpaper v3 in its planning stages.

Solutions for Ethereum’s Challenges

Yesterday, Vitalik Buterin released an article discussing the three elements needed for Ethereum to endure. According to the article, for Ethereum to stay at the top of the blockchain industry, it must move to roll-ups (layer-2), introduce smart contract wallets, and introduce privacy-oriented measures.

The piece stresses that Ethereum must make all three changes in order to stay "alive". Rolling out roll-ups will give Ethereum important scaling aid, particularly during a bull market when the system sees a rise in action and a subsequent increase in transaction charges. Layer-2 scaling solutions can tackle this problem.

Buterin's writing emphasizes the need for smart contract wallets to tackle security issues. It points out that introducing privacy-oriented solutions could help address investors' privacy worries. Although such measures may present some difficulties, Buterin believes they are essential.

Do Shiba Inus already have solutions to these problems?

Kusama's reaction to Buterin's piece of writing suggests that the Shiba Inu system already holds solutions to the issues raised. Special attention is given to Shibarium, a layer-2 network that will soon be available for Shiba Inu.

Shibarium is specifically designed to tackle Ethereum's scalability issues. It functions as a supplementary layer to Ethereum's primary blockchain, taking on some processing tasks in order to lighten the load on the main network. This makes it easier for Ethereum to scale and handle more transactions.

Shibarium is committed to providing users with top-notch security. They plan to do this by combining Proof of Stake validators and the Plasma architecture. Furthermore, Shibarium has the capacity to tackle users' privacy worries by integrating with Bermuda, a blockchain system that focuses on privacy.

Shibarium may have found solutions to the worries voiced by Buterin, but it is yet to be determined if Kusama referred to more advanced solutions proposed in a not-yet-published Woofpaper document.

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